About the Promoter

Interesource Group (Ireland) Limited is an Irish SME specialising in vocational training, management training, research & development and project management. The company has a strong background, and a proven track record in developing business solutions in human resource management and business strategy, training and development, creative media film and web, publishing and printing and property and real estate consulting.

Interesource Group is currently the promoter of several projects such as SIGNALL II and STEP and has promoted over nine projects and has been a partner in over five. The company has a diverse background in research ranging from disciplines such as healthcare risk management, Deaf culture and sign language, languages and culture in international business, HR and hospitality, social exclusion and work inclusion.

It has been extensively recognised for its best practice projects and the outcomes from all projects have been delivered internationally through invited presentations and publications.

Visit: www.interesourcegroup.com